About Mo

About Mo

After nearly 18 years as a Real Estate Marketing, Staging and Transaction expert, why would someone want to bite the bullet and get a real estate license? Good question and one I am still asking myself.

After so many years of working behind the scenes marketing other peoples’ listings, writing other peoples’ blogs and sweating the details of other peoples’ contracts why make a change?

After all this time what do I think I can do differently?

No Drama. That is my goal. I want to be able to create a process that informs a Buyer or Seller along the way, in effect, to give them ALL the information necessary to make these huge decisions armed upfront with the greatest knowledge. I want to treat each transaction as if it was the first contract that was ever created.

I am not a salesman by nature. I completely lack the “posturing” gene. I have one way to say things and that is: direct, unvarnished and uncomplicated.

For nearly 18 years I thought that this lack of salesmanship on my part would keep me from being a successful real estate sales associate.

Lately I have come to believe that this actually may be a strength – that some folks might think that my directness is actually an asset. I want the process is be as transparent and as stress free as possible. Some stress comes from not knowing what is going on. I will try very hard to always let you know what is happening with the purchase or sale of your home. I can promise that you will always know what I am thinking.

For better or for worse. ;-)

No Drama Real Estate. Because Life is Too Damned Short.